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Family & Marital Counselling

Through our professional psychological counselling services, our clients can know more about themselves to listen to their inner self and fulfil their needs. In this way, they can build up an effective emotional and behavioural management skill, develop more stable relationships and deal with obstacles in life effectively.

One-stop Treatment Plan

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Multidisciplinary Team

Our medical professionals of different discipline work hand in hand to provide professional services, including:
.Clinical Psychologists
.Educational Psychologists
.Speech Therapists
.Occupational Therapists
.Play Therapists

精神科專科醫生 ,臨床心理學家 ,教育心理學家,言語治療師,職業治療師 ,物理治療師 ,遊戲治療師


A dedicated professional is arranged to follow up every case to enable parents to know more about their child. We work hard to cater for the needs of each family.

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